Calcium Hypochlorite

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1. Calcium Hypochlorite by Calcium Process

Common Name: calcium hypochlorite Ca (CLO) 2
Trade name: bleaching powder
UN No.: 1748
HS Code: 28281000
Hazard Level: 5.1

2. Use

This product is granular and powdery, with the pungent smell of chlorine. When it meets with water, it produces hypochlorous acid, which can release active chlorine and primary oxygen ions. It is used to kill virus and bacteria in aquaculture, disinfect aquaculture water and improve water quality. Bleaching pulp, cotton, cloth and other fibers can effectively oxidize and fade most of the organic pigments. It can be used for disinfection and sterilization of various places and sewers.
Dissolve the required amount of bleaching powder into a solution, and then spray the solution with the required concentration. It can also be used directly as required.

3. Qualification Index

Index Premier Grade First Grade Qualified Grade
Effective chlorite % 65% 60% 55%
Water 3% 4%
Loss 8% 10% 12%
Granule 90(355μm-1.44mm) 85(355μm-1.44mm) -
Appearance white or grayish solid


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