Medical Cotton and Gauze EPC


2022-06-10 10:15

Hunan DALE  can provide a full set of process equipment for medical absorbent cotton and medical absorbent gauze, and make various specifications of medical cotton rolls and gauze bandage rolls that meet national standards.

Absorbent medical cotton product scheme
(1) Cotton degreasing bleaching
Using lint, the lint is loosened by the cotton grabbing machine, and sent to the large-scale cotton cake beating machine through the air duct of the fan. The pressed cotton cake is hoisted into the scouring and bleaching pot to cook, bleach and clean the cotton cake. After boiling and bleaching, it is hoisted into the dehydrator for high-speed dehydration, and then it is wet opened and loosened. During the opening process, it enters the dryer for drying, and the dried absorbent cotton is transported to the packer through the air duct for packaging.
(2) Degreasing cotton deep processing
The absorbent cotton bundles are scattered by the cotton grabbing machine and sent to the carding machine through the cotton feeding box. After being combed into fine fibers, they are laid into a mesh by the mesh laying machine and enter the coiler. After being made into the required specifications, they are packaged into finished products by the packaging machine.

Absorbent medical gauze product scheme
(1) Gauze degreasing and bleaching
The qualified grey cloth of a certain size is rolled into large rolls by the coiler, and then sent to the degreasing and bleaching pot for degreasing and bleaching by the Turner, and then into the high-speed dryer for drying water.
(2) Deep processing of gauze
The degreased gauze roll is rolled into the gauze roll of the required specification by the gauze folding machine. Part of the degreased gauze is rolled into small rolls by gauze bandage machine and then cut into required specifications and packaged into finished products.